Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Letters to NYOutpost part two

22nd October 2089
0800 hours

The next thing I could remember was I was in a glass tank, tubes flowing from my badly bruised face. Deep lacerations adorned my legs. But as I watched them what seemed like seconds was days. I saw my legs heal themselves, first the scab, and then the scab slowly flaked off to reveal a scarred but healed leg. After what was 3 minutes to me I was flushed from the tank. 

The water draining from my tank I regained motor functions, first thing I did? I took the god forsaken tubes out of my mouth, even though they saved my life. I hated the sensation of them down my through. As the front of the tank split open I collapsed to my knees, gasping for breath a man who I assumed was a surgeon looked at me with his cybernetic enhanced eyes and in a tin like voice he spoke.

"Subject IO998, you have regained consciousness, please report to the barracks for briefing" and without another word two men lifted me to my feet and took me down a series of metal passageways. I told them they could let me go, so they did. I fell to the floor once again unable to keep myself upright. With all the strength I could muster I got myself to my feet. Placing one hand on the ground to get myself up. But something was wrong. My hand was no longer a human hand. An assembly of metal and wires was now what used to be an arm. And before my eyes the formed a shoulder, then arm, bicep and hand. It even had human like skin on it! 

Shocked at this finding I fell once again to the floor, one of the guards laughed and they picked me up again. Taking me to a large hall decked out with kitchen, tables beds and showers. I looked up to see that not only the roof was made of scrap metal, but the whole complex itself was made of bits of metal that they must have found lying around. Amazing! They even had scrap metal beds! Taking me to a corner of the hall they left me at one spot. 

I found my legs again only to realise I was being scrutinised by a floating skull. As I looked the skull in the eyes a body formed behind it, draped in a dark red cloak, it had the frame of an old man, but the arms of a brawler. "You survived an attack by a group of banshees?" "Uhh... i think? Wait were you the ones who saved me?" "no child, that was Gabriel and his archangels" with a pudgy finger he pointed to a group of men clad in white flowing robes, and pure energy flowing from there palms, all the way up there arms to their chest. They were defiantly the men who saved me. "You will be given robes, guard them with your life, and they will in return" 

A floating table came close to me; on it were grey robes with the symbol of Templar on it. I fastened my robes with a rope which made me feel alive when I touched it. "which will you choose" he said, he presented me with 3 items, a large gauntlet 3 times the size of my hand, a blade which glowed with the energy of a light globe and a pistol, the pistol had a skull near the muzzle and looked like if fired could break my arm. As I laid my fingers along the grip of the pistol a siren rang out. The others in the room ran to their stations and adorned body armour and rifles. And Gabriel’s group walked over to me, "come with us young one, we got something for you".

They lead me to a room where angelic armour adorned the walls; there was a suit of armour which was unlike the rest. "that is yours, unlike the robes, they WILL save your life" they helmet looked like if Thor himself had made it, wings protruding from the side of the helm, the chest piece was white engraved with gold spirals, it looked expensive, and the boots, as I put them on the shrunk to my size, as did the rest of the armour. Sweet.

Friday, March 5, 2010

A horrible story

This is my attempt at a style of humour which is distictive by its blatant misuse and deformations of the english language, if done correctly it can be so bad its good, here i go.

When John was smelling flowers gayly he noticed a truck, it had large lasers on it and was larger than house. "stop there john, we have you surround!" a voice came from truck, "no you will pay bad people!" John exlaimed. and he baclflipped onto his motor trycicle and shot at bad man, "get him other bad men!" the bad man cried. as John ride away on his motor trycicle he noticed a rock on road.

"Oh No!" John exclaimed "the wikapeds told me about small rock on road!" and as john frontflipped out of his motor trycicle he landed on head and broke neck. "its allright i had a FAKE NECK" John said to the bad men, the bad man shouted "we knew you had fake neck, so we have ZOMBIE GOASTS" and as John turns around he sees the zomby goasts, "you have been a good man john, so we are bad men and hurt you!" the zombys said scarily and loud, "but i have isotop" john said with triumphant and pulled isotop which is like an isotoop but wikipeds said that isotop could kill canada!

john throw isotop to ground and the whole of canada was explode, as he got up from large explosion his brother mick said "YOU MUST RUN FASTILY, THERE IS THE LAST BOSS SOON!" as John put on cool shades he said, "not my blood" and ran off coolily towards last boss. as he rounded corner he saw last boss, it was the bad man.

"I AM THE BAD MAN!" the bad man yelled with might, "i will defeat you bad man!" john said with little force. as they started to fight john did not know he had and isotoop. and bad man said "oh no you have isotoop, that is bad for me!" and as john notice isotoop he throw it into bad mans eye, and bad man exploded and john backflipped away onto brand new motor trycicle, "my job is cool, and its done" and went home back to his flowers and mick was drunk.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Letters to NYOutpost part one

22nd October 2089
0800 hours 
Hey sis, remember how we used to sit in the ruins, sun gently caressing our faces, seeing the new life come through the rubble and dream about changing this world, well i was just recruited into the Templars. it was pretty intense to even apply for the position, after i left i was walking through the NY underpass.

i entered the once freeway to hear the distant cry's of a child. i kept my own pace striding through the dirt and water, i finaly got to an alcove in the wall. i sat there to consume some of the lembas you made me. resting my head against my rucksack i devoured what you had given me, a weeks supply gone. as i reclined to recharge my body, i heard the cry again, i muffled child's cry. i tried to ignore it but it just kept getting louder and louder. then it stopped.

sitting bolt upright i listened to anymore noise, drawing my bolter just in case i stuck my head outside the alcove, nothing. i went to lay down when i heard footsteps, but not walking. running. how could someone be running, there's a freakin' river down here. poking my head out again the footsteps stopped, all i saw was the murky depths of the water and some ripples in the water, looking as if something was advancing on my position. i jumped to an overhead beam and lifted myself up.

a deep growl was heard and the footsteps increased their speed and volume. frantically pulling myself up i looked up. a creature with the figure of a starved child looked at me, its face was dripping with black ichor. it looked at me with its void like eyes and opened its mouth, revealing. well nothing. just darkness. its mouth got wider and wider until it was about the size of my head.

falling off the beam i landed on the ground. the next thing i remeber was these knight like people towering over my body, pure energy crackling over their angelic armour. a few bursts of las fire later and the picked me up, eyes still blurry i came face to face with what looked like an angel. a halo, light consuming his body, when i regained my vision i saw the scar under us left cheek. this was Gabriel, leader of the templars.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Danté Beradrez, Brazillian Merc

14th July, 2010. 
I was assigned to protect Mr. Valleis's house, more of a labyrinth than house but never the less we were sent to protect his "house". I was stationed near the south entrance, directly leading into the jungle which had taken more lives than supported. It was relatively quiet, save for the mosquitoes irritating me to the point of near insanity; I stood there in the subtropical sun fiddling with my scope. I heard some radio chatter coming from the commander’s jeep.

 Bursting out of the door the commander stumbled on the door frame and fell, I was about to start laughing when he rolled and got back up. Nice. Answering the call with a discernable grunt he began to grow more serious and grave. Placing the radio down he turned to me "were leaving, tell Mr. Valleis that his money is no longer worth our time".

 As I walked inside to talk to our income I noticed he was standing near a window, his hands behind his velvet suit. Walking up the stairs he started to weep. Finally reaching him he turned to me, "I’m so sorry" he said with a choked up voice, he pointed to a pile of money and a handgun. Walking over to the pile he reached out with a shaky hand, picked up the gun and turned to me again "I hope we meet in the next life".

 Staring in my eyes with his tearstained, steely grey eyes he raised the gun. As he fell I noticed in the background, a mushroom cloud. I heard my comrades screaming to get to his bunker. Hah the old man knew this was coming. Piling into the bunker our commander made sure everyone was in he left to get some of our supplies I stood at the top of the bunker watching the shockwave reach our position, the scene looked as if a child was just stepping on the jungle as if it were grass.